Main topics of the IEEES-9 cover (not limited to) the following:

Exergy, Energy and Environmental Modeling
Energy Conservation & Analysis
Entropy & Exergy Analyses
Entropy Generation Minimization
Exoeconomics and Thermoeconomics
Hydrogen Generation and Technology
Fuels & Alternatives
Renewable Energy
New and Clean Energy Technologies
Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems
Combustion Technology
Exergy Accounting & Analysis
Thermal Systems and Applications
Air-Conditioning Systems
Desalination Technologies
Sustainable Development
Sustainable and Green Buildings
Thermodynamic Optimization
Modeling of Energy Systems
Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer
Industrial Ecology
Energy Management in Industrial Sectors
Combustion / Gasification
Process Engineering, Process Optimization and Bioengineering
Sectoral Energy and Exergy Utilization
Waste Exergy Emissions
Fossil Fuels (Coal, Oil and Natural Gas)
Green Transportation Vehicles